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About Chetna
Over the years, we have a large group of people joining our Sanstha from all spectrum of society. We have our volunteers in India as well as abroad. Chetna Pariwar believes in being secular and does not believe in any specific caste or creed.

People from all walks of life are welcome in Chetna Pariwar irrespective of their religion, caste, financial status or social standing.

Chetna Pariwar for many years has been doing work in social field as well as is in Meditation and yoga practice. But the need for forming an NGO has now been felt to reach more people all over who suffer not only financially but otherwise too, like lack of education, financial aid guidance about help which they can avail but have no knowledge about, to help get justice for the deserving. Basically it is any kind of help for the welfare of the needy section of the society.
The word Chetna itself is derived from an age old word 'Chaitanya' meaning total awareness. Chetna is Energy treatment, basically touch healing. Touch healing is as old as the Vedas. It is the cornerstone of Chetna Therapy. Touch healing is an ancient method and Chetna Therapy originates from it. History abounds in stories and narrations of complete recoveries from dreaded diseases with blessings given with a healing touch. Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekanand etc are few shining examples.

Chetna is energy permeating the universe at all the levels. Physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and cosmic. It is known to be the prime mover of all activities, vigor, power, vitality, life – all forms of Chetna. Chetna, formed by Shri Nair Sir, was formed with the intention of creating more practitioners or healers who would help people around them.
At Chetna, we want to strengthen peoples mental, physical and spiritual level to cope with the new developmental circumstances. This is a developing era. New and new developments are taking place everyday in today’s world. All the people may not be able to cope up with this advancement and may lose their mental balance. To harmonize and synchronize this imbalance Chetna Therapy is very useful.

When a person comes to Chetna, his/her mental, physical and spiritual awareness goes high so that a person can convinently cope with the new development happening around him. It helps reduce mental depression and mental stress and help adjust with the new environment.

So Chetna is not only to help the needy, but a common man to relieve his day to day stress. By trying to achieve the welfare of the society and creating universal brotherhood, Chetna helps people work with Nature and not against Nature’s Laws.


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